Sunday, December 13, 2009

wrapping presents for others

Yesterday afternoon, Britton was helping me wrap the presents for the kiddos who were to be at our house for the Small Group Christmas party.  As we sat in the floor, surrounded by paper, tape and ribbon, I realized I was two presents short.  In a panic, I called Josh, who was out running errands and asked him to please stop at the store and buy two more presents.  After I got off the phone, I looked at Brit and said, "whew, that was close."  Brit, ever so serious, said, "mama, if we don't have enough presents, I will give them my presents." I said, "No Brit, you don't have to do that."  He said, "mama, it's ok, because I love people."   
"I knew I caught a glimpse of Heaven's love as he thanked me and ran out, and that God had sent this little boy to remind me what Christmas is all about."  ~The Christmas Shoes, Newsong
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Letter, oops & double oops

Several weeks ago, I found this website where I could compose a "real" letter from Santa to Britton.  Because I am a total freak about Christmas, I was completely giddy over the idea and couldn't wait to get started.  I worked on this letter for over an hour!  Once, I finished, I paid for the letter, and closed my laptop with complete elation and satisfaction over my "yeah, mommy" moment!  
(fast forward two weeks)
We got home from getting Britton & Aidan from school.  In the mail was this VERY shiny red envelope.  I looked at the addressee and noticed it was to Brit  and had this GOLD label on it that said SC....As I said above, I am SUCH a freak I was absolutely spastic over this coming in the mail..."Brit," I squealed..."you got something in the mail."  "What is it," he said.  "I'm not sure" I fibbed...He took the envelope from me and immediately noticed the return address..."Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska".."Momma," he is squealing now too, "it's from SANTA!" 
"Oh, my goodness, let's open it!" I said...As I squatted down to open the envelope, all excitement quickly went away, as I looked at Aidan who was standing there and his smile slowly faded from his face, "where my yetter fwom Santa?" 
uh oh
I hadn't ordered one for Aidan because I never DREAMED he would even notice it.  What WAS I thinking? This kid notices EVERYTHING!  
Tears immediately start pouring down Aidan's cheeks.  I said, "Brit do you want to open your letter," not wanting to take away from my, I mean, Britton's exciting moment.  He said, with absolute conviction, "I don't want to open it until Aidy is happy." 
About 5 minutes later and after much explaining that Santa must have mailed his letter on another day Aidy was happy, Britton was ecstatic over his letter and all seemed well.  
So..knowing I needed to get my computer plugged in so I could order a letter for Aidy, I ran upstairs to get the computer. As I was walking back down, I eavesdropped on a little conversation my two sons were went like this...
Aidy: hey, Bit
Brit: Yeah, Aidy
Aidy: Bit, I want a wetta fwom Santa
Brit: Aidy, remember mommy said he was going to mail yours later
Aidy: oh kay, hey Bit
Brit: Yeah, Aidy
Aidy: I hate santa caus
Brit: you don't want to hate Santa Claus, he brings you the presents.
Aidy: awwite
Aidy: Hey Bit, will he bing me a puppy?
Brit: no, Aidy, he might bring you a wind up puppy but not a real one, he can't carry it in his bag.
Aidy: awwite

There are no words to describe the emotions I felt there, cowering on my stairs, so I could listen to my boys talk about Santa Claus.  I learned several VERY valuable lessons....
1.Aidy notices everything and though he is two, has VERY strong emotions when he feels he was wronged.
2.  Brit is a very sensitive person, especially when it comes to his brother.
and 3.  I almost spoiled Santa all because I didn't pay attention to number one! 

I will NOT let that happen again! 
Merry Christmas, Aidy....